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Members of the Industrial Commission of North Dakota (NDIC) came to Grand Forks on September 24, 2012. NDIC members attended a University of North Dakota (UND) presentation, visited UND’s North Dakota Geological Survey Wilson M. Laird Core Library and the North Dakota State Mill, took a tour of the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC), and met with the EERC directors to discuss current and upcoming research projects.

“We have been fortunate over the years to have NDIC as a partner in many of the EERC’s projects,” said EERC Director Gerry Groenewold. “We were delighted to show them the cutting-edge research facilities we have here.”

NDIC was created by the North Dakota Legislature in 1919 to conduct and manage certain utilities, industries, enterprises, and business projects as established by state law. Widely known for overseeing the Department of Mineral Resources’ Geological Survey and Oil and Gas Division, the Commission also oversees, consults with, or has direct responsibility for a number of agencies, such as the Bank of North Dakota; the Building Authority; the Housing Finance Agency; the Lignite Research, Development, and Marketing Program; the Mill and Elevator Association; the Oil and Gas Research Program; the Pipeline Authority; the Public Finance Authority; the Renewable Energy Program; the Student Loan Trust; and the Transmission Authority.

Members of the Commission include Governor Jack Dalrymple as chair, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem as general counsel, and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. Attending with the Commission was NDIC Executive Director Karlene Fine.