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The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) recognizes that our region is abundant in energy, agriculture, and human resources. Technological integration of our natural resources through scientific research and development is necessary to meet the economic and environmental challenges of our generation and the next. By integrating these resources, we can help meet the world’s growing demands for energy and food through the creation of next-generation energy technologies capable of producing clean power, liquid fuels, and chemical fertilizers and products. 

The integration of these technological developments and approaches will continue to grow the region’s vibrant economy, establish our region as a leader in sustainable energy development, and provide solutions that can be replicated, in part or in whole, throughout the world.

Featured Programs

The EERC is leading one of the world’s largest programs dedicated to developing and demonstrating technologies to reduce CO2emissions to the atmosphere from large-scale sources. The PCOR Partnership, made up of more than 100 private and public sector members, is providing data, guidance, and practical experience with carbon capture and storage. The PCOR Partnership region includes all or part of nine states and four Canadian provinces. The PCOR Partnership is one of seven regional partnerships operating under the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory’s Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership Program.

The EERC’s PCO2C Program is demonstrating commercially viable CO2 separation and capture technologies for fossil fuel- and biomass-fired systems. Working with leading companies in the CO2 capture area, the PCO2C Program is providing key technical and economic information that can be used to examine the feasibility of those technologies for commercial deployment.

The EERC is working with top producers in the oil and gas industry to improve oil recovery in the Bakken system while at the same time reducing its environmental footprint. The program is providing critical solutions for flaring, water, NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material), reclamation, and spills and other wellsite productivity issues affecting all Bakken producers.

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