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Concerns over the impact of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from combustion sources on global climate change have prompted numerous research and development projects aimed at developing cost-effective technologies for CO2 capture. Currently, no technologies have achieved significant commercial demonstration for the capture of CO2 from large combustion point sources such as a coal-fired power plant. 

However, the EERC's Partnership for CO2 Capture (PCO2C) is conducting a pilot-scale demonstration to test select CO2 separation and capture technologies for fossil fuel- and biomass-fired systems. The project is aimed at providing project sponsors with key technical and economic information that can be used to examine the feasibility of technologies as a function of fuel type and system configuration. 

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Carbon Capture Demonstration System

For more information on the EERC's CO2 Capture System and how it is helping create tools for managing CO2 capture decisions, contact John Kay, EERC Senior Research Manager, at (701) 777-4580 or