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Growing Focus for EERC Includes Mobile Energy Solutions for U.S. Military

EERC First to Create 100% Renewable Jet Fuel Through DARPA Contract

EERC Director Tom Erickson presented “EERC Innovations Applicable to Sustainable Military Mobile Power” during the Military Mobile Power Summit in Alexandria, Virginia.

Addressing the Summit’s focus on enhancing military capability through operational energy, Erickson’s presentation provided an overview for applying solutions that have been developed in other industrial areas to meet the needs of the Departments of Defense (DoD) and Homeland Security.

“As part of the EERC’s diversified research portfolio, we have several strategic areas we will be focusing on in the near future, which include sensors for unmanned aerial systems, big data analysis for the energy industry, and fuel and water resources for DoD,” said Erickson. “This Summit was a great opportunity for us to network with key Defense personnel, which will lead to future contracts.”

The EERC is also working on waste-to-energy technologies for military base camps.

Chris Zygarlicke, Deputy Associate Director for Research and Manager of the EERC’s Renewable Energy Programs, says several other distributed-scale biopower systems are under development at the EERC, specifically for remote locations without electrical grid connections.

“The EERC is currently developing methods to convert paper and food wastes from forward operating bases to electricity and heat using efficient and environmentally friendly distributed power generators,” Zygarlicke said. “These systems are not only of interest to the U.S. military but also to manufacturing industries utilizing challenging feedstocks for remote power generation.”

AR Awards Announced

The annual Administrative Resources (AR) Employee Recognition awards were given out at the AR team-building event on December 17. AR employees are nominated by their colleagues in each category, and winners are selected by the AR managers; Deb Haley, Associate Director for Marketing, Outreach, and Administrative Resources; and Anne Fiala, Deputy Associate Director for Marketing, Outreach, and Administrative Resources. 

AR Award Winners

AR Award winners for 2014 include (shown above, left to right):

  • Attitude – Kari Gagner, Communications Specialist and Event Coordinator
  • Team Player – Kari Schmidt, Administrative Assistant
  • Customer Service – June Novacek, Research Information Associate
  • Leadership – Kari Suedel, Graphic Designer

The following AR employees were nominated in all four categories:

“Congratulations to those nominated, to those nominated in all categories, and to the winners. We’ve gone through a lot of changes recently, but what has been important through all of that change has been the teamwork. Thank you for your teamwork and for all you do every day to make the EERC the success it is,” said Tom Erickson, EERC Director, in his remarks to the AR group.