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Dr. Lu Jin is a Research Engineer in the Reservoir Engineering Group at the EERC, where he uses oil and gas industry simulation software to develop geophysical models of the subsurface and run dynamic simulations to determine the long-term fate of produced/injected fluids, including hydrocarbons, CO2, and brine.

His principal areas of interest and expertise include modeling and simulation of multiphase flow in porous media, improved oil recovery technologies, and old oilfield redevelopment and phase behavior in unconventional reservoirs. Jin is particularly interested in subsurface
oil–water interactions, transition-zone development, and residual oil distribution identification. He has authored and coauthored numerous professional publications.

Before joining the EERC, Dr. Jin worked as a Reservoir Consultant for a joint industrial program at Louisiana State University (LSU) and a Reservoir Engineer at InPetro Technologies, Inc., in Houston, where he successfully completed various research and field implementation projects for both international and independent oil companies. He has extensive research experience in fluids flow in microporous structures and modeling phenomena of capillarity, adsorption, dispersion, etc., in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Jin holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Petroleum Engineering from LSU and a B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering from Northeast Petroleum University in Daqing, China.

“When I applied to go to college, I did not know much about majors, but I knew that energy is always important to society, so I chose petroleum engineering as my major,” said Jin.

Jin, who is from Zhejiang Province in southeastern China, is married and looking forward to starting a family. His favorite hobby outside of his work interests is table tennis, and he looks forward to meeting others on campus or in the city who play.