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The EERC’s total research awards increased for fiscal year 2015, showing a steady improvement in the Center’s financial position. In the 12-month period ending June 30, 2015, the EERC had $28.4 million in new awards, a 15.9% increase over the previous year.

“I am very pleased to see that the EERC is on a financial upswing,” said EERC CEO Tom Erickson.

“In partnership with the UND Provost’s office, we have made some extremely positive strides directed at improving our situation, and I believe that with those changes implemented, things will continue to improve moving forward.”

The EERC has implemented a new management model to increase business and program development activities at the EERC. Changes were made to the organizational structure, and new positions focused on certain levels of need, including strategic partnerships and collaboration, were added.

“This new structure allows us to allocate more resources toward developing and supporting technical research programs,” Erickson said.

Personnel changes at the management level include John Harju now serving as Vice President for Strategic Partnerships. In addition, Ed Steadman was promoted to Vice President for Research; Charles Gorecki was promoted to Director of Subsurface R&D; and Chris Zygarlicke was named Associate Vice President for Strategic Projects and University Relations.

“Our focus is and will always be on serving the best interests of our strategic partners and clients,” said Harju. “In my new role, I will be focused on strengthening relationships with current partners as well as fostering new business opportunities."

Harju believes the EERC is now in a position to precisely target certain strategic research areas, allocate additional resources to existing core programs, invest in new initiatives, and strengthen the EERC’s presence in the energy and natural resources sectors.