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The EERC is pleased to welcome Dr. Olarinre Salako, Reservoir Geophysicist, to its Geophysics team that answers client questions regarding subsurface activities. He develops geophysical models of the subsurface, performs regional geophysical characterizations for clients, performs petrophysical analyses of geophysical data, and works with a diverse team of scientists and engineers to assess project uncertainties in oil and gas development and geologic CO2 storage.

“My love for challenges and finding solutions to complex problems landed me in the field of geophysics. My interest in oil and gas energy research is all about solving problems. Geophysics is at the core of the oil and gas industry upstream activities and, by extension, the energy industry,” says Ola. “Reservoir geophysicists help the energy industry find commercial oil and gas accumulations in the subsurface, monitor oil and gas production and the recovery process, determine the best areas for new production, and determine sites for and monitoring of CO2 storage, among other applications. Geophysicists work in conjunction with geologists and reservoir engineers in achieving these goals.”

Ola holds a Ph.D. degree in Reservoir Geophysics from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom (UK); an M.S. degree in Geoscience for Subsurface Exploration Appraisal and Development, jointly awarded by the Heriot Watt University and the Universities of Edinburgh and Newcastle, UK; and a B.Tech. in Applied Geophysics with Second Class Upper Division from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria. Prior to his appointment at the EERC, Ola was a Lead Geophysics Lecturer at Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria.

Ola’s principal areas of interest are focused on hydrocarbon reservoir monitoring involving integration of geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering. His expertise includes prestack and poststack seismic inversion and interpretation, AVO (amplitude versus offset) and rock physics analysis, and seismic and CSEM (controlled source electromagnetic) forward modeling.

“I like the fact that I was able to take responsibility from the first day. I enjoy the support given by other EERC staffers in getting me settled in as quickly as possible,” Ola says of his job here. “I like the working environment and teamwork displayed here. Although I haven’t been here long, I can say this is a good place to work.”

Ola is from Nigeria and lived in Scotland for 5 years while working on his master’s and doctorate degrees. He and his wife have a son (age 7) and twin daughters (age 5). Outside of work, Ola likes to play table tennis, and his reading interests include books about successful leaders in business and politics. He also engages in humanitarian works and volunteer services and serves as a bible teacher in Sunday school at his local church.