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Lawrence Pekot is a Principal Engineer and the Reservoir Engineering Group Lead at the EERC, helping our clients optimize and enhance their reservoir activities. Larry leads reservoir engineering evaluations for CO2enhanced oil recovery, CO2 storage, and unconventional hydrocarbon recovery projects and leads a group of reservoir engineers on multiphase flow, geomechanical, thermal, and geochemical interaction simulations.

“Reservoir engineering is all about understanding and managing the movement of fluids in the deep subsurface—mostly water, but it also includes oil, natural gas, or CO2—usually done through the drilling and operation of deep wells. Reservoir engineers use geologic data and sophisticated modeling software to make determinations about where to drill wells, how many wells are needed, and how long their useful lives may be,” explains Larry.

“We hope to develop more effective solutions for oil and gas production and safe, long-term storage of CO2 emissions, especially in cases with difficult or unconventional resource problems,” he adds. “If we can crack some of those tough problems, or even just reduce the unknowns or the uncertainties, it becomes easier for industry to follow with development.”

Larry holds B.S. degrees in Civil Engineering and Geological Science from Pennsylvania State University. He initially majored in civil engineering but took a required course in geology and was hooked. “For me, oil and gas reservoir engineering seemed to be the perfect place to practice both skills, and it has turned out to be a great career.”

“I have been welcomed with open arms at all levels of the EERC organization. Everyone is professional, capable, and friendly. That removes a lot of uncertainty when starting a new job in a new location and gives you immediate confidence when getting started with your own work,” Larry says.

Originally from a small Pennsylvania coal town, he still visits his mother in the same house where he grew up. Larry’s wife is from Bergen, Norway, and “Anywhere in Norway feels like home for her,” he says. The two moved to Grand Forks from Denver, where Larry managed international CO2 storage project evaluations for Schlumberger Carbon Services. They have lived in many places over the years, spending as many years living in Europe as in the United States.

“We have moved across the Atlantic Ocean six times. It has been exciting but also challenging and at times exhausting. We look forward to settling down for a while in Grand Forks,” says Larry.

Larry has too many interests to ever be bored. “Visiting our four children and our families, who are really spread out, is always on the agenda. Our more routine free time goes to hiking, skiing, books, and golf,” he says. “Then there is the vacation house. We own a small property on the west coast of Norway. We love the place, but it always requires some ‘labor of love’ to keep it in good condition, at least when we are not fishing. And make no mistake about it, Linda is the better fisherman!”