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The EERC welcomes Ian Feole, Geological Engineer, to its Geomodeling Team, where he assesses project uncertainties in oil and gas development and geologic CO2 storage for clients by developing geophysical models of the subsurface, performing regional geophysical characterization, and conducting petrophysical analyses of geophysical data.

Ian’s principal areas of interest and expertise include rock mechanics, business logistics, CO2 enhanced oil recovery, basin modeling, and remediation. He holds a B.S. degree in Geological Engineering and a B.B.A. degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management from the University of North Dakota (UND). Ian first began working at the EERC as a student, where his primary focus was investigation of potential residual oil zones within the Williston and Powder River Basins. Previously, he worked as a North Dakota Geological Survey Core Library technician and as a Geophysical E-Logger for Braun Intertec.

“One of the most enjoyable parts of my job here at the EERC has been the people I work with—they are friendly and pleasant to be around,” Ian says. “The work has also been quite rewarding, as it provides me an opportunity to expand my knowledge in my field and allows for a dynamic work environment. Modeling was a part of my education that I liked, and as I began working here at the EERC, I was able to learn modeling techniques within different programs and continue improving and broadening my skills.”

Ian became interested in the area of geology and, more specifically, geological engineering as a career after talking to students and professors at UND about the degree. He admired their enthusiasm and enjoyment of the work that they were doing. The amount of work conducted in the field also interested him, as he enjoys working outdoors. 

When he’s not working, Ian enjoys skiing, snorkeling, traveling, and attending hockey and baseball games. He also brews his own beer. A native of Shelbyville, Kentucky, Ian has been married since 2012.