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The EERC welcomes Research Engineer Dr. Jivan Thakare to the EERC, where he performs process engineering and design related to wellsite operations, pipeline transport, and environmental science as it relates to oilfield operations. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of North Dakota (UND), an M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and a B.S. degree in Polymer Technology from India. Jivan has worked as a researcher at the EERC previously.

Jivan has a strong background in natural gas engineering and process simulation, and his principal areas of interest and expertise include oil and gas production optimization, process modeling, emission control and environmental remediation, materials for renewable energy/fuels and energy devices, and data reduction. Jivan has expertise in quality control and quality functions and has experience with bringing product lines through the transitional stages from research and prototype to full production and distribution.

Some of the projects Jivan has worked on at the EERC are computational model development, evaluation of potential nitric oxide chelating agents, electrochemical gas-to-liquid technology development, and reservoir history-matching modeling. He has developed concepts and grant proposals for electrocatalyst and electrochemical process research regarding electrolytic ammonia synthesis, electrolytic gas-to-liquid conversion, and innovative PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell catalyst support.

“I am really cherishing the opportunities I get at the EERC to work on interdisciplinary research projects, which suit my versatile background well,” Jivan said. “My supervisors and colleagues at the EERC believe in empowering team members and are always open to new ideas.”

Jivan comes from Shegaon, in the state of Maharashtra, India. Jivan and his wife, a graduate student at UND, have a 3-year-old son and are expecting another baby. In his spare time, Jivan enjoys sports, especially cricket.