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Kyle Peterson is a Geologist at the EERC, where he works with a diverse team to support clients in assessing uncertainties in oil and gas development and geologic CO2 storage. Kyle develops geophysical models of subsurface reservoirs, which are subsequently used to predict dynamic reservoir performance during production and injection.

Having grown up on the eastern edge of the “Bakken boom,” Kyle was immersed in the oil and gas industry from an early age. He became interested in geology after taking physical and historical geology classes at Minot State University. After an internship as a wellsite geologist, he knew he wanted to couple his interest in geology with the energy industry.

Kyle will graduate with an M.S. degree in Geology from the University of North Dakota in August 2017. He holds a B.A. degree in Geology from Minot State University. Kyle’s principal areas of interest and expertise include core and well log analysis, geologic characterization of unconventional reservoirs, kerogen kinetics of source rocks, applied geostatistics, geocellular reservoir modeling, CO2 enhanced oil recovery, and geologic storage of CO2.

While pursuing his master’s degree, Kyle worked at the EERC as a graduate research assistant and intern, where he completed static geologic models and reported results for brine extraction and CO2 injection and storage projects.

“I really enjoy the vast array of tasks and projects that I have had the opportunity to assist with. I have had the opportunity to work with many good people with different backgrounds and roles. In doing so, I have experienced many different disciplines of subsurface research,” Kyle said.

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys hunting, shooting, fishing, golfing, camping, mountain biking, and zymology.