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Senator John Hoeven and EERC CEO Tom Erickson
The University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) presented its Energy Champion Award to the Honorable John Hoeven, U.S. Senator from North Dakota. The presentation and a reception were held at the EERC on August 21 from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.  

Senator Hoeven’s leadership, vision, and commitment to the state of North Dakota and to its energy industry throughout his career have kept North Dakota at the forefront of energy development nationwide. He was instrumental in the state being granted regulatory authority over carbon dioxide wells, known as Class VI wells, which will help advance carbon capture and sequestration technology.

"Senator Hoeven has been a true champion of energy development in North Dakota," said Tom Erickson, EERC CEO. "This award is in recognition for his tireless dedication at the state and national level for advancing all forms of energy."

"Through its work to help produce more energy with greater efficiency, the EERC is helping to advance the long-term energy security of our nation," Hoeven said. "The EERC continues to develop important initiatives like carbon capture and storage technology which will help North Dakota's energy industry produce affordable, reliable energy for many years to come. I am grateful to work with the EERC to support energy development in North Dakota and throughout our nation, and I am honored to receive this award." 

The Energy Champion Award was created in 1986 to honor individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary personal commitment to energy and environmental research and development. Senator Hoeven is the tenth recipient of the award. Past recipients are Michael Jones, Senator Byron Dorgan, Thomas Bechtel, Everett Sondreal, Thomas Clifford, Senator Kent Conrad, John McFarlane, Conrad Aas, and Senator Mark Andrews. 

Photos from the event are available here:

Speakers left to right: Lignite Energy Council President and CEO Jason Bohrer, North Dakota Petroleum Council President Ron Ness, EERC Vice President for Strategic Partnerships John Harju, Senator Hoeven, UND President Mark Kennedy, and EERC CEO Tom Erickson.