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James Nadeau is a Research Instrument Technician at the EERC, where he installs, calibrates, maintains, repairs, and operates instruments and equipment used in research and testing for clients and research projects. He also assists with test programs, adapts equipment for nonstandard applications, and develops new sampling technologies. He holds an Instrumentation and Control degree from Bismarck State College.

James said he was always interested in electronics as a kid and throughout high school, and he also wanted to work in an industrial environment like others in his family.

“It wasn’t until my brother told me about an instrument technician he was working with at his plant that I first learned that there was such a career path. Then I saw that Bismarck State College had an Instrumentation and Control program, so I jumped on that opportunity. Since then, I’ve liked every minute of it.”

Although he has not been working at the EERC for very long, James is looking forward to the variety of projects he’ll be working on. One of the aspects of his work that really intrigues him, he said, is the problem solving that is often needed to overcome obstacles with the operation of equipment and instrumentation in such a wide variety of projects.

“We are very happy to welcome James to the EERC team,” said Greg Weber, Director of Design and Operations. “His educational background and strong desire to develop his expertise is extremely important to the success of EERC client-focused research projects.”

Originally from Dunseith, James likes living in Grand Forks since it’s fairly close to home and many of his friends live here.

“I do a lot of hunting, hanging out with friends, and—although I haven’t played since high school—I’m trying to get back into golfing,” he said.