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EERC Welcomes Kris McNab

Kris McNab has joined the EERC team as a Technology Development Operator. Kris works on project teams to construct, operate, and maintain testing equipment in support of EERC projects and client research. He modifies standard equipment and fabricates experimental equipment when necessary and assists project managers and principal investigators in obtaining project data and results.

“What interested me about the job is the chance to learn the technical side of a lot of the things I had built in the past. It is a fast-paced job at times but needs to be done right with attention to detail,” said Kris. “What I like the most at this position so far is the people. I have lots of great coworkers who are easy to get along with and learn from. In some cases, we can teach each other things to make the job easier.”  

Kris has worked for over 20 years in construction in a wide variety of jobs, most recently as a millwright. He has experience with pipefitting, welding and fabrication, concrete, carpentry, and sampling and testing for quality control. Kris will soon be moving to Emerado, North Dakota, but said he has called many places home at times because of “extended stays on different jobs across this great country.”

Even when he’s not working, Kris enjoys building and working on projects around the house. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and target shooting. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, just relaxing and enjoying those he cares about.