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Dan Kovarik has joined the EERC as a Master Electrician. He installs, maintains, and repairs electrical systems and equipment for commercial and industrial applications in support of energy research projects for the EERC and their clients.
“Al Olson, the electrician I am replacing, had genuine dedication to safety, the people, his work, and the EERC. I hope to carry on those same values,” said Dan. “It’s great to be welcomed into an organization where I’m already seeing intriguing work and meeting great people. I am looking forward to the opportunity to contribute, learn, and work with everyone involved with the EERC.”
In addition to being a licensed Master Electrician, Dan is A+ Hardware certified as a Microcomputer Specialist from the North Dakota State School of Science and brings a variety of work experience to the EERC. Based in Minneapolis for several years, he returned to Grand Forks to run Stan’s Electric with his dad, focusing primarily on industrial and commercial work.
After his father went on to teach electrical classes at the community college in East Grand Forks, Dan found himself spending too much time at work. The EERC is a good fit, as it leaves him with more time for family.
Dan and his wife have a son, age 7, who “can name any dinosaur by just looking at the picture,” and a daughter, age 6, who “dresses in the most beautiful and crazy-colored outfits.”
“I love to see them happy and having fun together,” said Dan. “Their hobbies are my hobbies, but I do enjoy UND hockey, and I love to be outdoors, hunting and trying to catch fish. I don’t really like crowds, but if you get to know me, I am hard to keep quiet!”