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Kelly Hodgson, Lead Research Information Associate, got a pleasant surprise when she and her coworkers in Administrative Resources went to what she thought was a routine workshop on customer service conducted by Shannon Medina of the University of North Dakota’s Student Account Services. Instead, Medina presented Hodgson with the STAR Award and a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Council of State Employees. According to Medina, the STAR Award is given out each quarter to a North Dakota University System employee who “provides quality Service in a professional manner, creates a Team environment that encourages communications and cooperation, stands out among their peers through their Achievements, and exhibits Respect to all, which promotes a positive work environment.”

“Kelly personifies the perfect customer service representative,” said EERC Administrative Assistant Lisa Borgen, who nominated Hodgson for the award. “I have never wondered when would be a good time to approach her with questions or concerns, because she is steadfastly, completely professional and a true people-pleaser. She told me my first day on the job that she loved people, and she has proven that over and over!”