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As I step into the role of Interim Director at the EERC, I am reminded again that fostering relationships is a key principle here. One of my goals is to focus on that tradition by cultivating relationships with current and prospective clients as well as the EERC team.

An example of this is the tremendous partnership that exists between the EERC and Midwest Energy Emissions Corp (ME2C). Through the EERC Foundation®, ME2C has commercialized a world-class mercury control solution, borne out of technology developed at the EERC. Working with great partners like the entire ME2C team, whose tireless efforts have led to the development of this technology, has definitely proven our principle correct.

Today, ME2C is commercially offering the patented sorbent enhancement additive technology, which can be tailored for optimum efficiency for use at a customer’s coal-fired unit. The technology, built on over 20 years of research and demonstration at the EERC, is both effective and cost-competitive in controlling mercury. In 2009, the EERC Foundation licensed this demonstrated technology to Rick Mac Pherson, founder of ME2C.

Mac Pherson and his team’s efforts to commercialize the technology led to numerous commercial demonstrations, its first commercial installation in 2011, and the eventual formation of ME2C, a publicly traded company (OTCCB: MEEC) that has recently announced the signing of letters of intent for additional commercial installations.

Partnerships like this provide the type of technology advancement opportunities on which the EERC thrives. Commercializing technology is another cornerstone principle at the EERC, leading to new high-tech jobs, energy security for the United States, and enhanced environmental protection.

Our partnership with ME2C is just one example of the tremendous potential that exists in today’s research environment. Countless other opportunities are in the works at the EERC that follow this same principle. I look forward to enhancing our pursuit of strong working partnerships with private industry, unparalleled scientific and engineering ingenuity, and new technologies that have a significant worldwide impact.

Tom Erickson
Interim Director