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The Energy &Environmental Research Center Foundation® (EERC Foundation®) Board meeting in Grand Forks on Thursday, October 9, centered around the board’s continued commitment to the protection and commercialization of EERC-developed technologies. Since 1992, the nonprofit corporation has provided a dedicated infrastructure to support commercialization activities and houses the rights to technologies developed by the EERC.

Through two decades of experience meeting a wide variety of unique client needs, the EERC Foundation has developed highly flexible and innovative approaches to a variety of business arrangements. Currently, the EERC Foundation technology portfolio contains dozens of EERC-developed products, with 40 active patents issued and 60 patents pending.

The EERC Foundation Board Members include:

Front (left to right): Alice Brekke, University of North Dakota; John Snustad (Secretary/Treasurer), U.S. Bank; Bob Harris (President), Harris Group, Inc.; Chris Greenberg (Vice President), Global Safety Network; and DeAnna Carlson Zink, UND Alumni Association and Foundation.

Back (left to right): Tom Erickson, EERC; Robert Kelley, University of North Dakota; David Straley, North American Coal Corporation; Mark Johnsrud, Nuverra Environmental Solutions; and Ron Ness, North Dakota Petroleum Council.

Board members also toured the EERC’s facilities during their meeting—an opportunity for them to hear about current and ongoing innovations under development at the EERC.

For more information about the EERC Foundation, contact Tom Erickson, EERC Interim Director, at (701) 777-5130 or