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The interim North Dakota Energy Development and Transmission Committee meeting was held at the EERC Thursday, October 16, 2014. During the committee meeting, EERC Director Tom Erickson presented information on the evolution and current status of the EERC, as well as activities that would be of great benefit to the state.

The committee also heard presentations from Associate Director for Research, John Harju, on the EERC’s Bakken Production Optimization Program, changing paradigms in carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery, and the Energy Polygeneration Industrial Complex (EPIC), a concept proposed by the EERC representing a new kind of energy facility, which will transform North Dakota’s abundant resources into clean, sustainable power and products for the world.

The interim Energy Development and Transmission Committee is assigned to study likely changes or future legislation on energy in the state. It works alongside two other committees for energy policy within the North Dakota Legislature: the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

Attending Committee members included (pictured left to right) Representative Peter F. Silbernagel, Senator Philip M. Murphy, Representative Todd Porter (Vice Chairman), Senator Rich Wardner (Chairman), Representative Chuck Damschen, Senator Connie Triplett, Representative Ben W. Hanson, Representative Mike Schatz, and Timothy J. Dawson (Staff Counsel).

For more information on how the EERC is working to impact North Dakota, contact Tom Erickson, EERC Director, at (701) 777-5130, or