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Kyle Gjerding is a Drafter at the EERC, where he creates conceptual process designs and produces drawings to fabricate equipment systems in support of projects related to hydrogen systems, renewable fuels, advanced energy systems, and emission measurement and control. He has produced blueprints, 3-D models, and process flow diagrams for a coal sequestration system, a hydrogen-producing on-demand system, a transport reactor development unit feed system, and a pilot-scale advanced biomass gasification system and has conducted operation and testing of a 4-lb reactor.

“I enjoy the variety of work that is given to me here at the EERC,” said Gjerding. “Being able to work on multiple projects allows me to learn something different every day.”    

Gjerding earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Park University in 2014. He plans to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree at the University of North Dakota. Gjerding has worked at the EERC since 2008, first as a student employee and then as a temporary part-time employee. Originally a mechanical engineering student, Gjerding has done consulting work in the auto industry and worked as an intern for two summers for a construction firm building the San Diego Federal Courthouse and the University of California, San Diego, Biomedical Facility. 

Gjerding enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. He has competed in the Tough Mudder obstacle course challenge, the Color Run, and the Uffda Mud Run, and he also teaches fitness classes at Choice Health and Fitness.