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The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) Foundation has a newly patented technology (UnveilTM) to clean blinded filter bags to near-new performance, thus avoiding the very costly practice of replacing bags with significant useful life. 

Worldwide, thousands of baghouses are employed in hundreds of industries to control air emissions or to reclaim valuable substances from process gas. Each baghouse contains anywhere from 10 to 20,000 filter bags.

One major challenge with filter bags is “blinding”—the buildup of a tenacious amount of residual dust that is not removed by standard filter-cleaning methods. Filter blinding can cause costly increases in pressure drop, often limits the lifetime of filter bags inside the baghouse, and causes the operator to regularly replace entire sets of filter bags, adding significant operating costs.

But what if the existing installed bags could be renewed to like-new condition? The EERC’s Unveil technology achieves this cost-saving measure in a simple, low-cost application process.

Key Benefits
  • Significantly reduces bag replacement costs
  • Decreases system power consumption
  • Enhances performance of filtration system
  • Expands baghouse operational design envelope, leading to higher airflow, smaller footprint, and lower capital costs.
Watch an example of the Unveil treatment process returning a filter bag to original performance.

The EERC is looking for partners, with a proven commercial track record, interested in advancing this technology into the commercial marketplace. For more information on how to partner with the EERC on commercialization of Unveil, contact Jay Almlie, Senior Research Manager, at