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Midwest Energy Emissions Corp (OTCQB: MEEC), a market leader in mercury control systems for the coal-fired power industry, held an Annual Meeting of Shareholders at the Energy& Environmental Research Center (EERC).
During the meeting, shareholders gathered to vote to reelect board members (left) and other measures that were up for shareholder vote. Additionally, the company then held a general business update meeting thereafter to review the Company’s third-quarter results.

“This is a very proud moment for all of us at ME2C,” said President and CEO, R. Alan Kelley.
“The opportunity to share our success with our shareholders is another important milestone. After 20 years of dedicated research and technology development, this technology is in a very strong position to make a significant impact on the coal-fired power sector in mercury control. We now have 15 coal-fired power generation units under contract and are looking forward to many more opportunities ahead.”

ME2C’s patented SEATM technology (pioneered by a team of researchers at the EERC) uses a combination of materials tailored and formulated specifically to customers’ coal-fired power units. The technology is an effective and economically sound solution to achieving mercury emission capture rates of over 90% in coal-fired power plants.
“ME2C, the EERC, and the EERC Foundation® have had a long and mutually beneficial partnership,” said EERC Director Tom Erickson. “We are honored to host and participate in ME2C’s shareholder meeting at our facilities in Grand Forks where this technology was conceived. This partnership is the model for licensing and commercialization of our technologies, and we look forward to working alongside ME2C.”
The Company reported third-quarter revenues of $1.37 million, up 49% over the previous year.  The Company also announced the appointment of John Pavlish as Chief Technology Officer.
“John comes to us from the world-renowned Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC).  We have worked with John for a long time as part of the EERC where he was the key contributor to the development of the patented technology that MEEC has now commercialized for mercury control," said Kelley.
Mr. Kelley concluded, “This is a great day for our Company, as we announce significant growth in revenues, timely execution for our customers, and the broadening out of our team with industry-leading talent. As we look ahead, our focus continues to be on delivering maximum value to shareholders, leading-edge execution and quality for our customers, and a material focus on innovation.”
For more information, view the full EERC news release. 
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