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In a first-of-its-kind event, a group of EERC employees teamed up to compete in the annual Wild Hog 1/2 Marathon. The teams, coined the “EERC Energy Stars,” included two 2-person relay teams, with each runner evenly splitting the 13.1 miles that make up a half marathon. The third team, made up of 10 members, ran and walked various distances ranging from 1 to 4 miles.

“I couldn’t run a half marathon on my own, so the relay was a great way to take part in the race,” said Kari Suedel. “It was so much fun to be part of the Energy Stars team, and I got to know people I don’t normally work with. I am actually looking forward to next year—and for a nonrunner, that’s pretty good!”

Other folks from the EERC who chose not to run still managed to get in on the fun. A cheering section was set up along the race route, complete with noise makers and signs.

“It was nice knowing that there was support from fellow EERC staff along the race route,” said participant Kari Gagner. “It was like they were part of the team!”

EERC Energy Stars runners included (left to right) Travis Suedel, Kyle Gjerding, Malhar Khambete, Justin Kovacevich, Kari Gagner, Carolyn Nyberg, Kari Suedel, Kelly Hodgson, Rhonda Olson, Jess Erickson, and Jen Knudson. Not pictured: Janelle Ensrud, Josh Mason, and Chris Zygarlicke.