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The EERC is pleased to welcome Dr. Chantsalmaa Dalkhaa to its Reservoir Engineering team. Chantsa is working with Reservoir Modeling and Simulation at the EERC, where she uses oil and gas industry simulation software to develop numerical models of the subsurface to run dynamic simulations and determine the long-term fate of produced/injected fluids, including hydrocarbons, CO2, and brine.

Chantsa holds Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. degrees in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. Chantsa also did postdoctoral research in two departments at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada: the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and the Geoscience Department.

Chantsa's principal areas of interest and expertise include numerical modeling and fluid analysis in oil and gas, carbon sequestration, solvent and thermal enhanced oil recovery, cold heavy oil production with sand, and related energy and environmental areas.

“People are super nice here at the EERC, and I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful and multidisplinary group of people working on exciting and challenging research,” said Chantsa. “I have always found the subsurface a mystery, and to be able to visualize it and its contents by means of technology to understand it better is fascinating.”

Chantsa grew up in a small town in Mongolia and returns occasionally to visit family. She enjoys her free time outside of work by being active. She bikes, so she is looking forward to biking to work later in this spring. She also likes to hike and found many opportunities with scenic vistas in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, where she did her postdoctoral research. Another favorite hobby is dancing, especially Latin and ballroom dancing.