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The EERC is pleased to announce that Dr. Steve Benson has accepted the position of Associate Vice President for Research, working with the EERC’s Vice President for Research and a team of scientists and engineers to develop and conduct innovative projects aimed at solving energy and environmental challenges. Steve brings over 30 years of research and development experience related to the development of efficient and clean energy production systems to the EERC to assist clients in all areas of the energy industry.

Steve also serves as a Professor in the Institute for Energy Studies at the University of North Dakota (UND), where he works with students, faculty, and research staff to train the next generation of energy experts and conduct small-scale energy and environmental research projects for government and industry.

Prior to his current position, Steve was Chair of the Petroleum Engineering Department, Professor in the Institute for Energy Studies, and Professor of Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering & Mines at UND. Previously, he worked at the EERC as a Senior Research Manager and Associate Director for Research. Steve also served as the Director of the EERC’s Center for Air Toxic Metals® (CATM®).

Steve’s principal areas of interest and expertise include the development and management of complex multidisciplinary programs that are focused on solving energy and environmental challenges associated with the development and utilization of fuel resources, including technologies to improve the performance of fuel resource recovery, refining, conversion and environmental control systems; the impact of fuel properties on combustion and gasification systems; carbon dioxide separation and capture technologies; advanced analytical techniques; computer-based models to predict the performance of combustion and gasification systems; the technical and economic feasibility of fuel conversion technologies; and state and national environmental policy.

“One of the things that interests me the most about this position is the opportunity to work at a world-class facility with world-class people on developing solutions to energy production and environmental challenges,” Steve said of his new position.

“The people here make it a unique place to work, not only because they are fun and great to work with, but they have the abilities to develop the next generation of integrated clean power systems equipped with carbon dioxide capture, sequestration, utilization, and storage,” Steve added.  

When Steve is not working, you can usually find him running, building wood–fiberglass boats, or restoring furniture that he and his wife have found at yard and antique sales. Family time for the Bensons often involves traveling to see their three children and four grandchildren who live in Houston, Seattle, and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.