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EERC Welcomes Jasmine Oleksik

The EERC welcomes Jasmine Oleksik to the EERC team as a Research Engineer in Fuels and Renewable Energy at the EERC. She contributes to the design, modeling, and fabrication of experimental equipment. She interprets data and helps to prepare proposals, reports, and papers, as well as present project results to clients.

Jasmine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering with a Chemistry and Sustainable Energy Concentration from the University of North Dakota (UND). She will receive her Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from UND this fall. Her principal areas of interest and expertise include recovery of rare-earth elements from coal and coal by-products, chemical looping combustion, and oil extraction for utilization in biofuels.

“I had the opportunity to participate in research throughout my college career, which led me to want to pursue research as a career,” Jasmine noted. “Working at the EERC provides an opportunity to pursue a career in research and continue my education, while staying in North Dakota.” 

Originally from Williston, North Dakota, Jasmine chose chemical engineering because she has “always liked to problem-solve and it offered diversity of potential career paths across a large number of industries.”

An avid sports fan, Jasmine enjoys watching UND hockey, Minnesota Twins, and Minnesota Vikings games. She loves outdoor activities and going camping and hiking. Fun fact: Jasmine got married on June 15 to another UND hockey fan. Her husband is an independent contractor in Williston.