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Within 1 year of its launch, the Intelligent Pipeline Integrity Program (iPIPE) is already growing. Spurred by early program success, two companies recently became new founding members of the consortium: Whiting Petroleum Corporation and DCP Midstream. Whiting Petroleum is the largest oil producer in North Dakota and operates a significant portion of its own gathering pipeline fleet. DCP Midstream, based in Denver, is a Fortune 500 company, one of the largest natural gas liquid (NGL) producers and marketers, and one of the largest natural gas processors in the United States. DCP operates in 17 states including Wyoming, Colorado, Michigan, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. iPIPE Project Manager Jay Almlie of the Energy & Environmental Research Center said, “We welcome these new leaders to the program. Each has already shown enthusiastic engagement. We look forward to welcoming additional leaders, many of which are currently considering membership in this unique program.”

The goal of iPIPE is to assist in development and demonstration of cutting-edge technologies that can prevent and/or detect gathering pipeline leaks. iPIPE partners do this through a process of selecting emerging technologies for funding assistance, assisting in final development steps of the product, documenting demonstrations and results, and ultimately facilitating the adoption of the best new technologies into gathering pipeline operations. Greg Tilley, director of DCP Midstream’s corrosion program, said, “Issues affecting North Dakota’s gathering pipelines are experienced nationwide. It makes sense for DCP to merge its efforts with other industry leaders to significantly enhance the record of integrity associated with gathering pipelines across the nation.”

Almlie summed up a wildly successful first 6 months of the program, saying, “In early 2017, iPIPE was an idea hatched by a few industry leaders. Today, program membership is growing rapidly, we have achieved success in our first two technology development efforts, and we look forward to more additions in 2019. iPIPE has caught wind and anticipates making a great impact on the message that pipelines are the safest method of transport for a variety of oilfield liquids and gases.” Charles Ohlson, Asset Manager for Whiting, said, “We are proud to be industry partners through iPIPE, working on the leading edge to ensure pipeline integrity and reliability. We are excited to be a part of iPIPE’s mission.”

For more information or if interested in becoming a member, contact Jay Almlie,, at the Energy & Environmental Research Center or visit

DCP Midstream, LP (NYSE: DCP) is a Fortune 500 midstream master limited partnership headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with a diversified portfolio of gathering, processing, logistics, and marketing assets. DCP is one of the largest natural gas liquids producers and marketers and one of the largest natural gas processors in the United States. The owner of DCP’s general partner is a joint venture between Enbridge and Phillips 66. For more information, visit the DCP Midstream, LP, website at

Whiting Petroleum Corporation is an independent, Denver-based, exploration & production company focused on the safe and environmentally responsible development of its assets. Whiting is one of the top oil producers in North Dakota, with operations in several other states as well. Through the application of the latest technologies in drilling, completing, and producing unconventional horizontal wells, we are establishing consistent, top-tier well results and creating long-term value. Whiting’s involvement in iPIPE is one of our latest pursuits in producing our assets in the most responsible manner possible. For further information, please visit