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Excellence in Film

“Global Energy and Carbon: Tracking Our Footprint,” a documentary coproduced by the EERC’s Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership and Prairie Public Broadcasting (PPB), won the Aurora Award’s highest honor, a Platinum Best of Show award for fall 2012 in the Nature/Environment category.

The Aurora Award recognizes excellence in the international film and video industries, specifically targeting commercials; documentaries; cable programming; and industrial, instructional, and corporate film and video. Entries are judged based on creativity, message effectiveness, and technical excellence.

The 35-minute documentary shows how energy is used daily by six families at three economic stages of energy use—industrialized, emerging, and developing—to demonstrate how this energy use is reflected in carbon emissions. The film then considers actions the world can take now to find reasonable solutions to carbon management while having adequate access to energy now and in the future.

“The hospitality and collaboration of our six families made this project possible—this award is about them as much as it is about the funding partners and the production team. We’re honored,” said Research Manager Dan Daly, who traveled with the PPB film crew to India, Cameroon, and the northern Great Plains of the United States in 2009.

Daly credits the EERC’s Ed Steadman with the idea for the documentary. Steadman, Deputy Associate Director for Research, served as Co-Executive Producer on the project. Daly and Research Scientist Charlene Crocker were the Associate Producers and co-wrote the production. Research Scientist Alex Azenkeng lined up the families and provided on-site logistical support for the Cameroon portion of the filming. The PPB production team that brought the story to life included Bob Dambach, Co-Executive Producer; Ben Stommes, Editor and Graphics; David Geck, Barb Gravel, Ryan Sailer, and Frode Tilden, Videographers; and Craig Roath, Narrator. Funding for the project was provided by DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory; the members of PPB; and the members of the PCOR Partnership, a large group of public and private sector partners focused on safe, effective carbon management in the northern Great Plains.

Earlier documentaries in the five-documentary PCOR Partnership–PPB series on carbon dioxide and climate change also won communications industry awards: one Aurora Award Gold Winner, two Communicator Awards, and a Bronze Telly Award.

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